For me, it´s an almost archetypical image of the changing times, a remembrance in the middle of world wide shut down, that the yin pole of creation is waiting for us. That we urgently need to wake up to the other pole of dominant, denaturalized, disengaging yang hybris.

„In these times the Black Mother is a place to rest and to recharge. I believe we all feel her. Don´t be afraid, breathe, relax, surrender. And let her live in you“ (Pia K.)

Black Mother of Nothingness

depth of dark and quiet presence
space between the inhale and the exhale

mutter, mater, materie und matrix allen seins
unerbittlich sanft
freier wille wunderbar

zum tag die nacht gehört
zum licht der schatten
das dunkel gebiert funken des neuen

kreislauf der schöpfung
alchemie des seins.

Bild meiner wunderbaren Freundin Pia Kjaergaard aus Kopenhagen. 2020, Acryl auf Leinwand, 120 x 100 cm