Geomantische Reiseempfehlung für einen sehr speziellen Ort, geschrieben für meine englischsprachigen Freunde:

For all the daughters of Mama Gaia & sons of Mother Earth. And for those of you heading for Mallorca:

If you have some spare time, go and visit the beach of Sa Calobra. And from there find your way to the Canyon „Gates of Paradise“. This is one of the most overwhelming natural powerspots I´ve ever discoverd and of true majestic femininity. It´s pure thruth and beauty and love there.

The descent to the place in itself is spectacular. After leaving the car you have to walk a little to reach it. But then … it opens up as a revelation.

It´s here where ocean and river meet, the two archetypical „liqours of emotion“ of Mama Gaia herself. They kiss, hug and melt into one another. And into the land. All this held in and by a vulvatic situation, given by the canyon itself. Look and listen to the language of landscape there, that´s „envagination“ and rebirthing in essence, through nature and in the body. Go. See and feel. That´s nature at her very, very best!